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That One Skill… And One Skill Alone

I’ve now completed my 1st year of MBA at XLRI Jamshedpur. There are a zillion vital life lessons that a great B-School teaches you. One of them is the power of observation.

Observe, at every possible opportunity, to find the true underlying causes behind what we see all around. Powerful observation lifts the veil. Powerful observation dispels all smoke and gives you that crystal-clear, black-and-white perspicuity.

So, is observation that one, all-encompassing, all-powerful skill i want to tell you about? Hell No! But there is this one all-encompassing, all-powerful truth that observation has led me to discover…

Being good at DEBATING is THE ONE, AND ONLY, SKILL that can SINGLE-HANDEDLY DETERMINE YOUR SUCCESS in bagging white-color corporate roles.

So, how the hell did i hypothesise that ??!!

Style Sheets Master

Well, i’ve observed. The evidence is all over the place. And someday i’ll offer that on this blog. But till then, i request all parents out there who want their kids to land great corporate jobs… get your son or daughter hooked onto debating at a young age (3rd or 4th grade!). They will someday thank you, immensely, for that.

Of course it doesn’t mean that if you aren’t a good debater, you won’t make the cut. You can and you will. But if you were, there are no odds stacked against you!

That rare ability to rationally argue, critically analyze all incoming information, putting-forth your own well-reasoned opinion will make all the difference at school & beyond in the corporate world. And with dedicated practice, once that ability becomes a chiseled reflex… you’re all set for corporate success!!